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Pliable Products has built software solutions to solve a wide variety of business challenges. From shipment issues to complex visual effect needs, Pliable Products has seen it all. The following products represent our own out-of-the-box solutions that may solve your business challenges.

Box Optimizer

Improve your shipment process and save money by ensuring your shipments go out in the appropriate boxes. Our Box Optimizer maximizes the number and the placement (even diagonally!) of items in a box to reduce freight space and shipping costs.

Our Box Optimizer technology has been applied to shipping boxes, pallets, and even cut-lists for wood products.

Contact us  to learn more about how our Box Optimizer technology can help you cut costs.
Box Content Organizer

Color Swap Component

If your company sells a product that comes in a variety of colors, your website should allow your customers to customize it on the screen before they order. Don’t spend time and money taking hundreds or even thousands of pictures to achieve this.

Using a single set of photographs, our Color Swap Component dynamically swaps one color for another with a zone set in the original image. Color gradients and light reflections stay true, maintaining the integrity of the picture. We have even applied this technology to video.

Our example, an advanced fishing reel, was available with a variety of color options and fully customizable.

Contact us to learn more about our Color Swap technology.

Color Swap Component Color Swap Component

Swatch Overlay Component

Put the design in the hands of your customers by giving them the power to mock up your products themselves. Our Swatch Overlay Component dynamically scales, skews and panels, in addition to book-matching in a fraction of a second to produce a realistic design mockup.

Our example, an elevator designer, allowed users to customize the look of their elevator by trying all the options online.

Contact us to learn more about our Swatch Overlay technology.

Swatch Overlay Component Swatch Overlay Component
Swatch Overlay Component   Swatch Overlay Component   Swatch Overlay Component


Midi-Trainer is a unique learning tool for aspiring musicians. Using nothing but free, widely available MIDI song files, it shows where to play the notes of songs on an instrument in real-time! Users can slow-down, pause, and scroll the music until they can play along at full-speed.

Midi-Trainer is technically sophisticated, yet easy to use. That's what Pliable Products is all about.

Learn more about Midi-Trainer.

Midi-Trainer for Bass Guitar

Database Object Generator

A programmer’s best friend, Database Object Generator allows developers to generate objects from tables in SQL server, MySQL, MS Access, Sybase and Firebird databases. It generates C# or Visual Basic code directly into your current project.

Learn more about Database Object Generator.

Database Object Generator
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